Check out Robert Downey Jr’s unusual house!

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He saw something enchanting, which was not intended for housing, and decided to turn it into his home!

Incredibly talented, ready to go far for the role, thorough in preparation, a living Hollywood legend, he is privately everything you would expect from such an artist – yes, and very eccentric. This trait of his manifested itself many times in his private life, but probably the most when he and his wife Susan chose a house in which to build a family nest.

Namely, although he has several luxury properties, including an expensive villa in Malibu, Robert Downey Jr. and his family live in an unusual building in East Hampton, New York. It is an unusual house with a windmill, built in the 19th century. If one look at this building does not reveal what kind of building it is, the first detail on the lawn in front of the house shows the unusual taste of the actor and his chosen one: a zombie-shaped carousel that drives away insects and birds, which Robert describes as part of their furniture.

A few years ago, the couple agreed to open the doors of their home for Architectural Digest magazine and showed that even inside this house does not disappoint with its decoration. The couple saw their windmill for the first time in 2016 and immediately fell in love with it, so they bought it for 10.5 million dollars, and some claimed that they set aside almost 12 million. Renovation followed to adapt the house to the needs of the Downey family, which included the installation of a beautiful blue-violet fireplace, in which the famous artist Peter Lane participated, who uses ceramics as the basic material.

The interior is full of colorful and unusual details, and from the spacious and colorful living room, it continues to an octagonal foyer with steppers leading to the top of the windmill – where Ms. Downey’s study is located. The couple made a pool 15 meters long and has a tennis court, a garage for three cars, two guest bedrooms… The house has several verandas overlooking nature, which is very important to the couple, and there are several dining rooms, and smaller living rooms, including those in the courtyard.

By the way, this building never served as a mill, but a replica of a local real and larger windmill with accompanying rooms, but over time, parts were added and remodeling was done thanks to which the property reached multimillion value.





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