Check out the luxury that Julia Roberts and George Clooney will enjoy together!

Photo Credits : getty images

Hollywood actress Julia Roberts was filmed boarding a private plane for Hamilton Island. According to media, the 54-year-old actress uses tropical paradise as her base while filming the romantic comedy “Ticket to Paradise” with George Clooney.

In addition, actors are supposed to stay in the luxury resort of Qualia or the Papillon house, and now the first photos of those locations have been leaked. Furthermore, Qualia is located in the northernmost part of Hamilton Island. It has luxury pavilions and is otherwise the first choice of many world stars.

Also, the private house that will be intended for them has a luxury pool, two bedrooms, a large entertainment room, a dining room for ten people, and an infinity pool.

Qualia Resort as well as the Papillon House on Whitsunday Island were designed by renowned architect Chris Beckingham. Papillon has seven large bedrooms and is reputed to be the perfect choice for Hollywood stars and their entourage.

Filming is scheduled to begin in mid-November, with locations on the Gold Coast and Brisbane. George and Julia play a divorced couple traveling to Bali in a desperate attempt to prevent their daughter, played by Kaitlyn Dever, from getting married.





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