Chris Evans- perfect candidate for Shakira?

Shakira's fans are convinced that she and the famous actor would be the perfect couple.

Chris Evans- perfect candidate for Shakira?

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Just weeks after the world was shocked by the news of the breakdown of an almost perfect love story between Shakira and Gerard Pique, and after his affair became known, fans of the famous singer were determined not to waste their time. They set out in search of the perfect candidate to push Pique into oblivion.

Recall, that Shakira and Pique ended their 12-year-long relationship during which they had sons Milan and Sasha because of his affair with a 15-year-younger student.  Although more and more names of his potential mistresses are popping up every day. 

The search to find a new boyfriend for Shakira was taken very seriously by some, and in the sea of ​​those who expressed their opinion on this issue, most believe that Shakira and Chris Evans would be a fantastic couple. It helped them in their choice the fact that Shakira recently followed Chris Evans on Instagram.

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In addition to Chris, Shakira also followed Henry Cavill, which is why memes on this topic started to emerge one after another.

The star of Marvel movies is one of those who tries to keep his love and private life away from the eyes of the curious public, so no one can confirm for sure if Chris is still solo. During an interview in which he promoted the new cartoon 'Lightyear' into whom he gave voice to the protagonist, Chris commented on the idea of ​​a relationship with a Colombian beauty. 

'Are you trying to connect me to her?', he asked the presenter and added with a laugh that he shouldn't talk about it in front of the camera . He also admitted that he is a big fan of her songs, but also that he would not dare to appear in her video because he would not match her top dance skills. 

A few days after Shakira followed Chris on Instagram, he retaliated with the same measure, which was enough to make the two of them a favorite internet fantasy. But who knows, maybe this fantasy will one day become a reality.

 Post By: Vanessa F.