Chris Pratt: The target of criticism

Chris became one of the most hated people in Hollywood.

Chris Pratt: The target of criticism

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Chris Pratt, a famous actor, recently celebrated his birthday and in one act provoked a stormy reaction from his followers on social networks. Namely, the media report that the actor celebrated his birthday within the family, with his current wife Katherine Schwarzenegger and daughters. His son, whom the actor has with Anna Faris, was not at the celebration.

Lately, Chris and his wife have been having fun with their newborn daughter, so it could be said that the actor is a wonderful and caring father. However, due to one mistake, he became one of the most hated people in Hollywood. Last year, he wanted to thank his wife for giving birth to a healthy child, but he did not think about how it would affect his ex-wife, with whom he had a son, who has serious health problems.

Guys, look at the way she looks at me! I mean, really. I want you to find someone who will look at you like this! We met at church. She gave me a wonderful life, a beautiful, healthy daughter, she chews so loud that sometimes I have to put earplugs on, but that's love! She helps me with everything. In return, I occasionally open a jar of pickles for her. Her heart is pure and belongs to me. She is my greatest treasure. Her birthday is in about 6 weeks. So if I don’t buy her anything by then, I’ll tell her to read this post. I love you, baby” - Pratt wrote at the time.

Due to this announcement, the actor was the target of public criticism, because it turned out to be very ugly to thank his wife for giving birth to a healthy daughter as if Anna wanted to give birth to a sick child. Despite all the comments, Chris does not refrain from commenting on his daughter and new wife in public, while he rarely mentions his son, and he did not even invite him to celebrate his birthday.

That is why new criticisms and even greater dissatisfaction that people feel towards him followed. “The son of Chris Pratt and Ana Faris was born with a cerebral hemorrhage that left indelible consequences on his health and mobility. It is very important that he now brags that he finally has a healthy child. Chris Pratt is just a scumbag” - they called him in the comments.

Post by: Rinna James