Chris Sacca on his move to climate investing, Jack Dorsey’s inability to confront big questions, and Travis Kalanick’s weakness in managing company culture

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Chris Sacca expressed his regret for entering our Zoom call a little late. He had a moose to contend with. From his residence in Jackson, Wyoming, Sacca informed me that when a moose decides to sit, they do not move. Fortunately, he used his pickup to shoo the moose away before it settled down. He then joined via his Starlink satellite internet connection via conferencing.

I’ve been pleading with Sacca, an early backer of both Uber and Twitter, to grant me an interview.

Sacca and I were not close throughout the entire Uber controversy. He often didn’t respond to my messages, but I’ve always thought that throughout Travis Kalanick’s downfall, he was giving information to certain rivals. I knew all the same people that Sacca did. He was familiar with them since they were the themes of my writings. Finally, after Sacca revealed last week that Lowercarbon Capital, his climate investment company, had secured $800 million, I messaged him on Twitter and he agreed to speak with me.

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