Coldplay will power the equipment on tour by the audience dancing

Photo Credits : FilmMagic

British rock band Coldplay has announced that on their upcoming eco-conscious tour in 2022, they will reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by 50% and plant a tree for every ticket sold.

He will also set up a dance floor at his concerts that generate electricity from the kinetic energy of the audience.

When I say ‘Jump up and down!’, You will literally need to jump up and down. Because if you don’t, the lights will go out, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin,  44, told the BBC.

They announced their low-emission tour on social media on Thursday, named after their upcoming album “Music of the Spheres“. Also, it will be their first tour in the last five years.

Namely, Chris Martin had previously promised that Coldplay would not perform again until they found a sustainable and environmentally safe way to hold the concert.

The whole concert is powered by renewable energy. Two areas of the audience are on kinetic floors – he explained.

By: Amber V. – Gossip Whispers





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