Cush Jumbo’s interesting life story!

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The new Netflix’s ‘Stay Close’ series are at the top of the trend for a couple of weeks now and viewers seem to adore it.

The actors from the series are fantastic, and the main actress Cush caught the attention. Her name is Cush Jumbo, and her career path, as well as her real-life looks, are really interesting.

The British actress Cush Jumbo (36) has once again obtained a new victory in the world of series with her participation in ‘Stay close’. The fiction that adapts the homonymous novel by Harlan Coben has been among the most-watched content on Netflix for several weeks, where the thriller has followed in the footsteps of other adaptations of the American novels such as ‘The innocent’. 

‘Stay close’ series are also been the opportunity for many to meet Jumbo, who has actually been entering our homes through the television screen for many years. The beginning of her career was in the series of doctors Harley Street (2003), but she achieved glory with series like ‘Torchwood‘,  ‘The Good Wife’, or ‘The Good Fight’.Jumbo appeared as Lois Habiba in the Doctor Who spin-off,  a series about British government investigators to defend Earth from extraterrestrial threats. Her character was thus part of six episodes of the third season. Russell T. Davies, the showrunner behind the 2005 version of the original series, was once again behind this series.

Like many before her, she acted in theater across the UK before switching to TV and film. She is best known for her roles in the CBS series ‘The Good Wife’ and ‘The Good Fight’. On New Year’s Eve, she was a guest on the Graham Norton show when she spoke about her life.

Jumbo was born in London in 1985. She grew up with her parents and five siblings. In a recent interview with the Guardian, she said she grew up in poverty.

“I was poor, I grew up in poverty. Although I never made money in my early years, I didn’t do acting to make money. All I ever wanted was not to have to work as a waitress, to have a secure job and not to owe money from anyone. “ she told.

Cush is better known in America than in the UK, from where she comes from. She also spoke about the astonishment she experienced while she was meeting Americans who are unaware that there are African Americans in the UK.

After graduating, Jumbo has appeared in theater productions across the UK, including Love’s Labor’s Lost at the Shakespeare Globe and a number of plays at the Royal Exchange Theater in Manchester. We were especially surprised that the actress recently played Hamlet in the West End. 





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