Cyrus Noah’s cellulite caused a discussion

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Noah Lindsey Cyrus is better known as the younger sister of singer Miley Cyrus.The 22-year-old celebrated her birthday on January 8.She followed the footsteps of her famous dad and sister and now we have new singer in Cyrus family.

Still, many believe she will never reach the fame of her sister , nor the father of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus. On the other side, when it comes to scandal and inappropriate behavior, she could get to the same level as Miley.Noah Cyrus has been trying her strength on the music scene for four years, focusing on more “alternative” songs, in which she sings mainly about her sadness and fears. She recorded her most famous song in a duet with rapper XXXTENTACION, who tragically died in June 2018.

Namely, black-haired Noah often likes to brag about smoking marijuana, and there is also a public break with musician Lil Xan. They ‘worshiped’ on social media after the break up for weeks, which was public and broadcast by all world media. The couple accused each other of cheating, and then Noah decided to ‘sell his tears in a bottle’ for $ 12,000.

Nudity is no strange to her either, and the paparazzi recently photographed her in a pink bikini on the beaches of Miami. On those photos we can see numerous tattoos on her body, as well as cellulite. Her photos sparked an avalanche of divided comments.

Namely, although cellulite is an absolutely normal and natural phenomenon in every woman , some wondered if young girls today do not exercise at all and do not pay attention to their diet.

Also, some suspected that the young singer underwent implants in her buttocks, but she wisely keeps silent about everything, because if there is one thing she learned from her family, it is that every PR is a good PR.

“Precious”, “Captivating as always”, “Your sister taught you well”, “just like Miley, both are princesses”, “Such a beautiful woman” and “Beautiful woman”, are some of the responses.

Namely, when Miley was in her wildest phase, she was selling albums like crazy, and interest in her life was at its peak. Whether this will be the case with her mini copy remains to be seen.

Miley Cyrus gained fame at the age of fourteen when she began her adventure with the Disney Channel. She managed to keep the interest of the media and fans to this day, not only thanks to scandals in her private life. Miley boasts a successful adult music career.

Recall,Miley Cyrus fan account @MileyEdition was the first to notice that Kim Kardashian unfollowed Miley Cyrus and break the news. The comedian seems to have conquered the heart of the businesswoman after her final break with Kanye West, the father of her children. 

As reported by the Page Six portal, after their appearance on The Tonight Show, Miley Cyrus was seen heading to Davidson’s house in the Staten Island district, New York. During the broadcast of the New Year’s Eve event hosted by Cyrus and Davidson, Kim was celebrating the night in Los Angeles with her children. 

Is Miley’s sister going to be so spontaniuous in male-female relationships we will see. Years are in front of her and we are sure that media is going to follow every Noah’s step.





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