Daniel Radcliffe unrecognizable in new role!

Photo Credits : shutterstock

Harry Potter franchise star Daniel Radcliffe has been a part of various titles since the magic saga was rounded out, some of which were weird, some wonderful, and now the time has come for him to revive none other than Weird Al Yankovic.

Funny or Die” is preparing a biographical film about a parody legend for The Rock Channel, with Radcliffe as a mail role. To credibly present the hitmaker known for the tracks “White and Nerdy” and “Smells Like Nirvana”, he completely changed his look.

Photographers have so far failed to capture the star of the new film, even if filming began only in January. The wait seems to have paid off as Daniel looks unexpectedly like Weird Al. In the photo from the set of this film, which we are sure will be brilliantly silly as well as Al’s best songs, the actor wears a mustache and a wig with black curly hair that suggests his early appearance.

Al is also an executive producer and he previously said in a statement that when his last UHF movie came out in 1989, he actually promised his fans that he is going to make a big film every 33 years. He said he is extremely happy that this promise is really going according to his plans. In this statement, he also mentioned that he is very happy with the choice of actor and that he believes that this movie will bring the same amount of fame to Daniel, as his previous movies.

For now, however, it is not known when “WEIRD: The Al Yankovic” story will see the light of day. Radcliffe himself gave an interview where he admitted that he is also very excited to see how this movie is going to turn out. He also said that he is more than happy with the money he earned in the last couple of years, so now he’s choosing his projects by heart.

Alfred Matthew Yankovic, known as Weird Al, is 62 years old, but he has been very popular in America for decades due to his parodies. With the development of social networks and YouTube, he started posting his comic videos online and that helped him sell an incredible 12 million albums in his career.





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