Demi Moore showed her new boyfriend

Demi Moore is in a relationship with Daniel Humm, and she confirmed this via social media by posting photos of them together.

Demi Moore showed her new boyfriend

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Hollywood actress Demi Moore has been secretly seeing one of the most famous chefs in the world, the Swiss Daniel Humm. According to sources they are together for the last few months. The 59-year-old Demi has officially confirmed the news of a new love affair with 46-year-old Daniel on Instagram where she posted their shared photos taken at this year’s French Open and on the streets of Paris.

“You’re so cute,” “You’re a very beautiful couple,” “I like you together,” “Beautiful,” “You’re brilliant,” “Congratulations on your new boyfriend, you’re handsome,” are just some of the comments on her photos.

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Demi has three failed marriages behind her. Her first husband was musician Freddy Moore with whom she was married from 1980 to 1985, and after the divorce, she kept his last name. Then in 1987, she married Bruce Willis with whom she has three daughters, but they divorced in 2000. Five years later she was taken to the altar by 15-year-younger Ashton Kutcher, and her marriage lasted until 2013. After that, she had no serious relationships.

Recall, that Bruce and Demi together have a 33-year-old daughter Rumer, a 30-year-old Scout and a 28-year-old Tallulah. With Hemming, the famous actor has seven-year-old Evelyn and nine-year-old Mabel. Two years ago, when the coronavirus pandemic began, Bruce spent some time with his former family on a property in the interior of the United States. This surprised many because he left his current wife Emma with the children in Los Angeles. Bruce Willis (66) is struggling with early-stage dementia, according to the latest information about the health condition of the American actor. Director Matt Eskandari, who worked with the actor on the making of films such as “Map of Salvation” and “Survive the night”, revealed Bruce’s true condition.

The close relationship between the ex-spouses is commendable, but Demi and Emma's are no less good. The two ladies respect each other and are not on the war footing. Even all the children of them hang out together.

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