Denise Richards removed her mask on a plane

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Denise Richards has received taunts and was attacked as a result of what she did on Instagram. Some even claim that the only thing she is looking for is media attention because almost no one remembers her.

Denise Richards has shared several photos on her social networks with a mask on in different public spaces, but for some reason this Sunday she decided to do without it after getting on a plane.

The actress shared a selfie in her Stories with her face uncovered during the flight but explained that she did not need it because she was sufficiently protected by the coat she was wearing over her head.

For anyone who is upset that I am not wearing a mask, I am hiding under a hood and a very large winter coat,” she explained.

Her argument is based on the fact that the fabric of this garment is much thicker than that of any mask, a statement that on the other hand does not have any scientific support and that, as expected, has earned her much criticism.

Some are making fun of her on the Instagram account of Perez Hilton, who also shared this news on his social networks. Many wonder if in fact, the actress has fans, while others defend her, stating that the use of a mask is not mandatory.

There are those who claim that the actress did this simply to attract media attention to her. And it is necessary to remember that for a long time the ex-wife of Charlie Sheen did not appear in the entertainment media. Alpha Code” is the last film in which she participated and which premiered during the year 2020.

“You should be fired for exposing others to policy violations. “Your bacteria-infected fur is not a mask“, writes a Twitter user.

Another user called Richards an “idiot.”

I would not be surprised if we never see Denise Richards again,” wrote a third.

At the time of writing, Richards has not commented on the reactions.

Turbulent relationship

At about the same time as Richards rocked Bond fans in the James Bond film “The World Is Not Enough”, she also found love in the movie city.

Her fiancé was none other than the scandal-ridden Charlie Sheen, who at the time was also a famous movie name in Hollywood after movies like “Hot Shots!” and “The Three Musketeers.”

In the early 2000s, the couple starred together in the TV series “Spin City”, and in 2002 they married. The marriage proved to be a big mistake as it only lasted for three years, but during this time the couple still managed to have two children together, daughters Sam (17) and Lola Rose (16).

After the relationship ended, the couple has had their struggles, much as a result of Sheen’s turbulent relationship with addiction, which also eventually cost him his job in the TV series “Two and a Half Men” .

In 2011, the former couple attracted the attention of the press, when Sheen on Twitter called Richards a “traitor”, “loose w**re” and a “dog thief” .

The background is said to have been that the “Starship Troopers” star took back two dogs she had left with her ex-husband after the divorce.





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