Depp admitted that he was the victim of abuse

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Dirty laundry, disturbing photos of severed fingers, bruises and traces of violence, footage of quarrels – all brought to justice in a few weeks trial of the decade between actor Johnny Depp and his ex-wife, actress Amber Heard. One of the recordings the jury heard was released by Depp’s lawyer, and it revealed what Depp’s relationship with Heard really was.

Namely, it is a phone call recorded a few months after they filed for divorce in May 2016, and Depp was banned from accessing the actress.

‘I don’t know how to restore my reputation,’ Heard says in the recording, to which Depp replies that they can address the public by letter together.

‘ Together we write a letter in which we say that we will remove the divorce from the public eye, saying that we will try to solve it ourselves, that the media has inflated it. That we love each other and that we want to be sure that we are good with each other ‘, he says, but the end of his sentence is not heard on the recording.

‘You have no idea. Every millimeter of credibility has been taken away from me. And in an unfair way ‘, Amber answers him.

Abuse, we have to face it. We have to deal with it, Amber, ‘ Depp tells her, referring to the first rumors of abuse in their marriage, to which she reminds him again that her reputation is at stake. The actor asked her why she was talking about any violence at all.

‘I didn’t. You made me do it. Your team made me do it,’ she replied.

She said she ‘feared for her life the last time things went crazy between them’ and he reminded her that ‘a bottle of alcohol had been thrown in his nose’ and that he had lost his finger. At that moment, Amber utters words that have infuriated the public and Johnny’s support.

Namely, in a sarcastic tone, she told him that she said that at least she can claim that it was a fair fight and that she could tell the world that she was a victim of domestic violence.

See what the court will say. See what the world will say. Tell them, Johnny. Say: I, Johnny Depp, a man, am a victim of domestic violence, ‘the actress tells him in an insulting tone.’Yes, I am,’ are the words with which the actor loudly admitted that he was a victim of violence.





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