Despite her struggle with weight, Adele revealed that she still can't resist one thing

Since her new single finally saw the light of day after a five-year music break, the public has not stopped talking about the British singer Adele. The first thing that caught the public eye is her phenomenal weight loss, but apparently, Adele still knows how to treat herself

Despite her struggle with weight, Adele revealed that she still can't resist one thing

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Her love of food has long been known, and despite a long struggle with being overweight, Adele admits that she still eats at McDonald's at least once a week, as well as that she prepares amazing spicy pasta. The 33-year-old singer has lost 100lbs in the last two years but still claims: "Just because I lost weight, I [still] know everything there is to know about food! I eat so much food still."

The mother of her eight-year-old son Angel, whom she got with her ex-husband, recorded a video for Vogue magazine, in which she conducted food testing, ie guessing the food while she had a blindfold over her eyes.

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"My last meal would be a McChicken Nugget, with a Big Mac and then fries – that’s my three courses. I eat it at least once a week,” revealed Adele, adding that her favorite British dish is still roast, which she prepares very well. "My favorite British dish would be a Sunday roast which I’m pretty great at doing every single Sunday, it’s my son’s favorite,” Adele boasted.

On that occasion, she also recalled how in her younger days she worked in a fast-food restaurant in Tottenham and earned $34 per day. Today, she is very grateful to her compatriot Jamie Oliver, thanks to whom she learned how to cook.

"I learned to cook on my own. I was on my own maybe when I was like 18, maybe two months and I was getting loads of takeaways and it was just costing too much money so I think I read 30-minute meals by good old Jamie Oliver and that’s how I learned the basics of cooking. But I do make an incredible – even Italians I know have said this – I make an incredible spicy pasta," the singer spilled.

By: Helen B.