Devin Ratray accused of trying to strangle!

Photo Credits : Walter McBride/WireImage

Devin D. Ratray is an American actor, producer and writer. He is known for his role as Buzz McCallister in the Home Alone franchise, as well as the films Nebraska and Blue Ruin. His television work includes The Tick. Like most celebrities, Devin Ratray tries to keep his personal and love life private, but this time it was not like that at all.

The digital reports said that the woman filed a police report a day after the alleged incident, which occurred last week, alleging that the 44-year-old actor punched her in the face, covered her mouth with his hand and tried to strangle. They had a verbal fight, and then everything culminated as a physical attack.

The alleged victim’s declaration indicates that they were in a hotel in Oklahoma and that she had managed to escape the moments of tension. She went down the stairs of the establishment while she was trying to calm down. After the argument, he returned for his belongings to the room they shared but the couple separated that night, although they slept in the same hotel, they did not share a room. What happened in that room we will never know.

Ratray rose to fame in the early 1990s as a child actor in the first two Home Alone movies. He played in a memorable way Buzz McCallister, the older brother of Kevin McCallister in the legendary film series. The film by director Chris Columbus is about an eight-year-old boy (Culkin) who must protect his house from a pair of burglars when he is accidentally left home alone by his family during Christmas vacation.  

After that, Ratray has remained active in the film industry, although since 2015 he has not appeared in any major production. He is also remembered for works such as  Little Monsters,  The Prince and I, or the television series  The Good Wife





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