Did Julia Fox try to copy Kim again?

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Kanye West and his girlfriend Julia Fox were photographed in West Hollywood after spending the evening with Madonna and Floyd Mayweather at Delilah Restaurant in Los Angeles.

They put on a real show for the gathered fans and paparazzi. Namely, the rapper (44) kissed and hugged the actress (31) dressed in extremely low-waisted leather pants and a matching leather short top.

Julia, who did not hide her emotions towards the rapper, also highlighted the cello tattoo that stretches across her lower back. She pointed every inch of her taut torso as she and Kanye leaned over to kiss after dinner together.

Julia has spiced up her look with tight black gloves and matching heeled boots, and many comments that Julia unsuccessfully wants to become the new Kim with her fashion releases. But thing is that Kanye is the one who stylizes her so it seems that he wants it too.

Kim Kardashian has reportedly given her blessing for Kanye West’s new relationship and has nothing against Julia, on the contrary, she is glad that Julia is her fan.

She is reportedly happy to see Kanye smiling again, and just wants to see him with a good person.

Julia Fox has spoken publicly about her love for the Kardashian family in the past, describing herself as a ‘fiery’ fan of the ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ show.

“I’ve been watching Keeping Up since it first came out in 2007 when I was embarrassed to watch,” Fox said in an episode of her podcast ‘Forbidden Fruit with Julia Fox and Niki Takesh’. “I wanted them to be my family. I felt like I knew them. It’s like I’m happy for them when something good happens.”

Julia has also posted photos in the past of her wearing a Skims bra, from a brand that is owned by Kim Kardashian. 

Kim is ‘completely done’ with Kanye and is in a relationship with Pete Davidson. The two recently traveled to the Bahamas together and spent time with friends in Palm Springs.

Julia and Kanye were spotted at several dinners in Miami, New York, and LA, and he even surprised his new girlfriend with a room full of designer clothes.

“I met Yea in Miami on New Year’s Eve and felt the current connection,” the 31-year-old actress said. ‘”Everything here was so organic. I don’t know where all this is going, but if it’s any indication of the future, I can’t wait for it.

Recall, the actress had the most important role of her career side by side with  Adam Sandler  (55) in the 2019 movie ‘Uncut Gems’. Before that, she worked in a pastry shop, shoe store and tried herself in the role of ‘domino’ lady. She revealed that she dressed up for clients in their fantasies, such as a nun, a nurse, or a teacher. It depended on their wishes. Also, she overdosed at just 17 and she was addicted to heroin and painkillers.

“It is a real miracle that I am good because many people I grew up with are not good. They are still on drugs or in jail. A lot of them died” she told.

Julia is known as an actress, activist, and muse who often performs, so she is considered similar to her new boyfriend Kanye.





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Did Julia Fox try to copy Kim again?

Kanye West and his girlfriend Julia Fox were photographed in West Hollywood after spending the evening with Madonna and Floyd.

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