Did Rihanna and ASAP Rocky get marred?

Photo Credits : depositphotos

The whole world is buzzing about the new video of ASAP Rocky and Rihanna, and here’s why!

Are we alive? We should probably check the pulse. This was Rihanna‘s year – with her maternity outfits she erased the stereotypical prototype of a mother and a pregnant woman, created an even sexier lingerie line, and the Mat Gala paid tribute to her with a statue in her image. 

However, information about ASAP’s adultery was recently leaked to the media, and speculations about their break-up were growing louder. The couple decided to shut the mouth of the whole world in a unique, original, and romantic way, so with the new song, ASAP not only denied infidelity and breakup but also decided to marry Rihanna in the song. 

Amazing shots show their ghetto love through paparazzi shots, intimate moments, and many amazing fashions (we also learn that the couple shares the same wardrobe), and through the lyrics, we get to know their relationship from the beginning to the present day. “At first I thought it was nothing … bad girls just want to have fun …” ASAP Rocky begins his confession.

In the continuation of the song, the rapper praises RiRi, emphasizing her power, success, and large bank accounts. As he says, in great fame and money, he lost himself until he found her “It is your hard love that I committed to.

At the end of the video, ASAP smiles, and on his golden teeth is the inscription “Marry me“, while Rihanna responds with a smile that says “I will”. Of course, for a wedding, RiRi deviates from the established norms and wears a red wedding dress and veil.

Recall, this isn’t the first time Rihanna and ASAP Rocky have been together in a music video: they first had a collaboration in 2013 on a “Fashion Killa” song, but back then they were just best friends. The fact that they manifested love from the song after almost 10 years, is more than amazing.

Watch the new video for the song DMB below:





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