Did Rihanna reveal herself with this photo?

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Singer Rihanna, 33, can’t miss the paparazzi who recently photographed her casually walking out of her boyfriend ASAP Rocky’s house in Los Angeles.

The singer again confused the public with her fashion combination. She appeared in a wide dress shirt with which, according to the American media, she allegedly hid her pregnant belly.

Recently, the couple was caught walking out of a restaurant in Los Angeles, and Rihanna again, skillfully, hid her belly.

After rumors started circulating again about Rihanna and possible pregnancy, she finally decided to end it by replying to one fan on an Instagram message. 

“Can I come to the baby shower, sister !? True or not, your baby will be beautiful,” was the message, and Rihanna replied, “Haaaaa! You didn’t come to the first 10! Every year you think I’m pregnant, damn it. “, with this message to an unknown fan, Rihanna probably refuted all rumors about the alleged pregnancy.

The singer and 32-year-old rapper A $ AP Rocky, are in stabile love, and recently, the rumors started circling everywhere that the couple could be engaged. By the way, the relationship between the singer and the rapper began to be talked about a few months after her breakup with billionaire Hassan Jameel in early 2020.

Rihanna and A $ AP Rocky had been friends for years before, and interestingly, the first rumors that there was something more than friendship between them appeared back in 2013, but the rapper then commented that Rihanna was sexy, but that he does not see her as anything more than a friend. Now, many years after we can see them as a couple.

This beauty was recently decorated and declared the national heroine of Barbados. She was honored by Prime Minister Mia Mottley. The Caribbean country is already a republic, 55 years after achieving its independence from the United Kingdom, although it continued to maintain Queen Elizabeth II as sovereign. For two days, the youngest republic in the world has celebrated the transfer of power with the presence of Prince Charles of England and his most illustrious citizen, the singer Rihanna. Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley has decorated 33-year-old Rihanna as a national hero supported by the cheers in her hometown of Bridgetown.

May you continue to shine like a diamond,” Prime Minister Mia Mottley wished Rihanna.

Recall, Rihanna is known for her nude releases, and in the last photo of her brand Savage X Fenty, she posed completely naked. She covered the strategic parts with a belt and a T-shirt she held over her bust, and the photo provoked an avalanche of comments from her loyal fans.

You’re beautiful”, “Queen”, “I can’t believe how sexy you are”, “Don’t play with my emotions that way”, “This is the most beautiful photo I’ve ever seen”, are just some of the comments she received below photographs.

That she is a fashion guru, Rihanna keeps proving time and time again. We have written plenty of times about her amazing outfits that no one would dare wear but her. And amazingly, she always pulls them off. So it’s no wonder that the decision to go into the fashion business has been very successful.





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