Do you remember Faye Dunaway?

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Oscar, Emmy, Golden Globe, and BAFTA are just some of the awards that the legendary actress Faye Dunaway has on her shelves, and the Hollywood diva, who is celebrating her 81st birthday these days, has often filled the covers of world tabloids with details from her life.

To this day, her role in the film “Bonnie & Clyde” has remained one of the most memorable in her career, and she appeared on the scene in the ’60s. Dunaway is also one of only four actresses that received Best and Worst Actress awards during her career. She won an Oscar for her role in the film “Network”, and earned the Golden Raspberry for “Mommie Dearest”.

She often turned down roles that could have significantly improved her status in the Hollywood world, but she was never ashamed to talk about it. Among the most famous roles she turned down was the role of Sarah in the movie “Requiem for Dreams”. The role was eventually given to Ellen Burstyn, who was also awarded an Oscar for her work. She was also offered a role in the film “Julia”, but she also turned down the role, and Jane Fonda, who played it for her, was nominated for an Oscar for Best Female Actress.

Faye Dunaway’s turbulent love life has often been the main topic of many media outlets. Early in her career, she fell in love with stand-up comedian Lenny Bruce, but the relationship lasted only a year. She later got engaged to photographer Jerry Schatzberg, and although their love failed, they remained friends.

Then she fell in love with Marcello Mastroianni while they were working on the film “A Place for Lovers” and they were together for two years. Faye wanted to marry him and have children, but at that time the actor was already married and did not want to leave his wife. She left him and told reporters that she had given too much into the relationship and must beware. 

“When I think back to the moments with Marcello, I feel only regret. One part of me still thinks that if we had gotten married then, we would still be married today. We wanted to grow old together, but it didn’t happen,” she wrote in her book.

The actor himself admitted in an interview in 1987 that he never got over Dunaway. “She’s the woman I loved the most,” he said. In 1974, the actress stood in front of the altar with the singer of The J. Geils Band, Peter Wolf. Because of their crowded schedules, they had problems in their marriage, and they divorced five years later. She met her second husband, Terry O’Neill, in 1977, but they were married in 1983. They had a son, Liam. A few years later O’Neill admitted that their child was adopted. Prior to his statement, the actress hinted that Liam was their biological child, but she never went into details. After her divorce from Terry, Dunaway dated Frederick Forsyth, also she was in a relationship with Warren Lieberfarb, and after them, she had many lovers.

According to many, Faye is still one of the best living actresses today, but her fans commented that she is almost unrecognizable today. They claim that she was a natural beauty, but due to aesthetic corrections, she looks completely different. Although her fans regret that she went under the knife, these problems obviously do not bother the famous actress.





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