Do you remember Hagrid from Harry Potter?

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Robbie Coltrane, best known for his role as Rubeus Hagrid in the Harry Potter films, lives a secluded life. While his colleagues from the series boast millions, it was not Robbie’s case, although the role of Hagrid made him very famous. The 71-year-old actor lives in the same rented converted barn in the hills west of industrial Glasgow. Every month he pays just £ 1,000 for rent. The actor’s landlord Andrew Edmonstone spoke about how Robbie has completely withdrawn from public life and that he almost never leaves his house.

Friends and neighbors say Robbie suffers from osteoarthritis and he is in a wheelchair for almost five years due to hip pain. Andrew, the actor’s landlord, claims he hasn’t seen him in years.

“We don’t have a word to describe our Robbie. He is our neighbor and in fact, his barn is the closest to our 11 farms. But I did not see him for many years. We saw him at private dinners a long time ago. But that’s now stopped, ” Edmonstone says.

“I haven’t seen him since one dinner about five years ago or maybe more. It seems that he doesn’t want to be part of our community anymore. He’s completely removed. It’s very sad. Unfortunately, he’s not the happiest person.” They said that every time they host a charity event, they invite him. His name is always on the list, but his answer is always the same. He never came.

They know that Robbie orders food from a local restaurant every day, and this was confirmed by their anonymous employee. As sourced claimed they deliver him food because he can not come by himself anymore. He has bad hips so he can not drive, but he is their loyal customer.

After Harry Potter, Hagrid played only a few acting roles, and his appearance in the TV special in which the Harry Potter cast gathered on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the first film surprised fans. He gave a short interview from a wheelchair. We hope Robbie’s health condition will be better so at least he can spend time outdoors.





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