Do your own smoky eye makeup

Photo Credits : Gary Yost

You love the “smoky eye” look of your eyes, but it’s a real torture to achieve it, right? No matter how many times you try and practice this technique of applying eye shadow, the result is simply not satisfactory. What you missed was that professional effect! Now you can rejoice. We have a solution for you!

Thanks to a miracle called TikTok, make-up has never been easier. With the video, which has gone viral, you’ll learn to do a “smoky eye” look like a pro in just a few strokes.

We bring you this tutorial step by step:

Pro tips: Keep brushes ultra clean before applying makeup and do not rush when blending the shadows (in the second step of this technique).

Apply black eye shadow

Choose a well-pigmented black eye shadow. Start by packing lots of black shadow on the lid so that there is a lot of pigment to fade out the eyeshadow with. Apply it up to the globe line (the crease above the eyeball).


The most important thing is blending. You do this best with a soft, slightly fluffy brush. Pull the make-up brush back and forth horizontally – follow the shape of the black shadow you have applied. Focus on the outer part of the eyelid. It may take a while before you get it neat.

If you find that the edge becomes too hard: Soften it with brown eye shadow. Do a little at a time until you are satisfied.

Apply a soft eyeliner under the lashes

Apply a soft black eyeliner under the lashes, mostly on the outer edge and in the corner of the eye. Use a thin brush (preferably with a rounded top) and rub the eyeliner towards the middle.

Apply a black shadow on the eyeliner

A eyeliner is often moist, something that does not usually hold so well around the eyes. Therefore, use matte the eyeliner with eye shadow. Use a small eye shadow brush and apply the black shadow right next to the lashes.

Apply eyeliner to the waterline

If you want an intense black pigment, you need to apply eyeliner on the waterline (just inside the lower lash line). Rub it in between the lashes so that there are no gaps.

Finish with mascara

Start by applying black mascara on the top of the lashes. Then paint the mascara as usual. Make sure you rub it in thoroughly between the lashes. Do not forget the lower lashes.





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