Donald Trump is shutting down his social network TRUTH! Hackers stole the code...

Former US President Donald Trump has been on the move for some time to establish and expand his own social network, which he aptly called TRUTH.

Donald Trump is shutting down his social network TRUTH! Hackers stole the code...

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As soon as TRUTH was licensed, there were already problems according to which Trump cheated the law, or at least tried because the "Truth" has to shut down.

Trump has his own group called TMTG (The Trump Media and Technology Group) which is already under attack by groups concerned with the copyright protection of software solutions. The Software Freedom Conservancy (SFC) is already accusing Trump of stealing code from an open-source licensed network called Mastodon.

Trump and his team have 30 days to change their TRUTH network licenses, or it will be completely shut down. By the way, Trump is accused of picking up the code from Mastodon, making a few changes, and licensing TRUTH as an original product, without accreditation and the necessary documentation. Moreover, in the TRUTH code, Trump's developers tried unsuccessfully to remove all mentions of the Mastodon network, but the Mastodon logo somehow hid in the code, which led the SFC to investigate.

The test version of TRUTH had already been released, and as soon as beta testing began, TRUTH was already full of false announcements against all other companies as well as against Trump himself. If Trump and his team don’t send the entire TRUTH to SFC they will lose their license and the latest social network (which really seems like a bad attempt at political propaganda) will fail before it is released to the public.

Before comments can be written about the political censorship of the former president and his social network, the case that is currently taking place is really of a programming nature and touches on the copyrights of the original development teams. 

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By: Amber V. - Gossip Whispers