Drake’s fans vandalized Kanye’s childhood home

Photo Credits : TMZ/Getty Composite

Banners with angry messages addressed to Kanye West were spotted on the Chicago house’s front steps, saying that the rapper had “burned out” and at the same time announcing a new album by his opponent Drake.

One message “4544 burned out” refers to a verse from Drake’s song “Betrayal“, in which, according to fans, Drake called out his nemesis for constantly delaying the release of his new album.

Another sign, “F ** k Justin LaBoy”, most likely refers to an influencer from social networks who promoted Kanye’s album “Donda”.
The third caption announces Drake’s fourth album “Certified Lover Boy“.

Photos of Kanye’s vandalized house have been viral on social media. Kanye bought the house last year for $ 225,000 and is currently renovating it. The rapper is so attached to the house that he made a replica of the house at the stadium in Chicago on his third performance on the occasion of the release of the album “Donda“.

By: Helen B.





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