Ellen revealed the sex of Jennifer's baby!

Ellen DeGeneres revealed the sex of baby Jennifer Lawrence in her show.

Ellen revealed the sex of Jennifer's baby!

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Jennifer Lawrence (31) is known for keeping her private life away from the curious eyes, and now her plan is ruined by Ellen DeGeneres.That the actress had a child with her husband, gallerist Cook Maroney was revealed in late February, although she tried to hide it. Still, she has successfully concealed the baby’s gender so far and probably could have continued to do so but Ellen accidentally revealed the information on her show.

'People don't know it, but I lived in the house you live in now when I started the show 20 years ago. Now I live next to you and watch you live in my house with a brand new baby. By the way, I sometimes hear you talking to him, ' said the presenter during an interview with Jennifer.

By the way, Jennifer successfully hid that she was pregnant, and it was found out last summer. She decided it was time for the public to find out and no longer bothered to cover her pregnant belly. After that, she was filmed walking in casual editions several times. Lawrence married Cook in 2019 after a three-year relationship.

Jennifer and her husband met through mutual friend Laura Simpson and hid their relationship away from the public eye, due to the love problems that Lawrence had had. They crowned their long-term relationship first with an engagement, and eight months later they vowed eternal love to each other.

On one occasion, many were surprised that the actress, known for her lovely personality and sense of humor, is not very pleasant to her fans. She even admitted to herself that she can be horrible and avoid interacting with them. In one interview, she said she is embarrassed when she is in the spotlight.' I'm getting very rude. That's the way I defend myself, ' she said.