Emily Estefan called out Perez for outing celebrities

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Emily Estefan clapped back at Perez Hilton for having outed several celebrities.

On the program, Red Table Talk: The Estefans, the American and openly lesbian singer Emily Estefan, daughter of producer Emilio Estefan and Cuban singer Gloria Estefan, severely criticized blogger and influencer Perez Hilton for having publicly outed several celebrities without their consent.

Perez Hilton was a guest on December 15, 2021, in the program Red Table Talk: The Estefans hosted by Emily Estefan alongside her mother, Gloria Estefan. There they both questioned him strongly about how he used to bring celebrities out of the closet.

It was also brought to attention on the show that Perez Hilton forced singer Lance Bass and actors Wentworth Miller and Neil Patrick Harris out of the closet. In addition, on December 8, 2021, in the same program. singer Lauren Jauregui accused Perez of having done the same with her when she was not yet ready.

All in all, the conversation with Perez Hilton on Red Table Talk: The Estefans was quick. From the beginning Gloria Estefan asks Hilton:

“Did you feel that because you are openly gay, thatyou had permission to out people who did not come out?”

Hilton just nodded and Emily Estefan said “I never understood how you, as a gay man, could put someone in that situation

“Just sharing” private information with friends

Perez accepted that he was wrong and gave an absurd excuse to have brought these celebrities out of the closet :
I was thinking, ‘I’m just sharing with my friends online what my friends are talking about privately. So why should I treat my public friends differently from my private friends?

However, when it comes to Lauren Jauregui he said that he did not make her come out of the closet, since the photo of her with her girlfriend was shared by his own fans and he only replied.

In addition, he also made a comment that angered Emily Estefan: “Especially for young women, sexuality is so fluid. “

To which Emily replied:

That’s so painful. Men and a lot of people in society look at 2 women together and they don’t legitimize our relationships because they say, “Oh, girls make out with girls. It’s just a college phase. Oh yeah! The girls together are ‘hot” . […J You are a man […] You cannot talk about the experience of a woman .

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