Emily Ratajkovski attacked for her belly

Many well remember the CFDA award ceremony and the edition in which Emily Ratajkovski appeared. The famous model for this event chose an unusual creation in which she showed her taut body, but it is not enough to say that all eyes were on her belly.

And while some were thrilled with what they saw, others commented that she went a little overboard with going to the gym, that she is too skinny and doesn’t look healthy.

Aware of this, Emily did not advertise on the occasion, nor could photos from the event be seen on her Instagram profile.

But the model has now decided to publish them, and the biggest impression was left by her message.

‘I almost didn’t post this because I knew what controversy it was going to cause, but hey, it’s my body and I won’t be ashamed, Emily wrote on her Instagram story, posting a photo from the award on her profile.

This time the comments were much worse than before. The model, who recently reported sexual abuse, was told by her companions that she does not set a good example for the girls and that it is not normal for her to look like that.

‘ Are you okay?’, ‘Sorry, but this is just sick’, ‘Eat something’, ‘What the hell?’, ‘Next time eat a double cheeseburger’, ‘You don’t give a good example young girls ‘,’ What’s wrong with her belly? ‘,’ This doesn’t look healthy ‘ …’ I’m really worried about your health, it’s just part of the criticism Emily received below the photo.

Emily is often criticized for her love of showing off a lot of skin, so she was often reprimanded for exaggerating her nudity, but she ignores such comments.

She once stated that her parents taught her from an early age that a beautiful, naked body is a symbol of harmony and perfection, and that there is nothing shameful about it. The 30-year-old beauty became world-famous in 2013 when she stripped topless in a video for a Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams song, ‘Blurred Lines’. The song was an incredible success, although Pharrell later regretted recording it.

Now the model has published her book ‘My Body’ in which she looks back at what her appearance has brought her, from a sense of strength to objectification. In the book, she also touched on recording a video for the aforementioned song when she says, she was sexually harassed by singer Robin Thicke.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, I felt the cold and the hands of a stranger hugging my bare breasts from behind. Instinctively, I stepped back and turned to see Robin Thicke, ‘Ratajkowski wrote. She also says she initially enjoyed filming but claims things have changed because of the alcohol on set. ‘ When I pulled away, he put on some silly smile and stumbled backward. He was looking at me under his sunglasses. I blacked-out. The director of the video then shouted: ‘Are you okay?’ I shrugged and lifted my chin avoiding eye contact. I felt humiliated. I didn’t react, I didn’t react as I should have, ‘she concluded.

When she appeared at the promotion of her book in New York. She wore a black combination over which she added a pink jacket, lowered her hair, put on glasses, and some commented that something was not as usual. Namely, she looked different to many, and some insinuate that she did some kind of procedure on her face. Hopefully not because she is one of the few beauties who has really always been natural, even though she has already been credited with nose surgeries and lip augmentation.





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