Emily Ratajkowski flaunts her phenomenal (mom) model figure

Photo Credits : Instagram/Emily Ratajkowski

Famous model Emily Ratajakovski (30) became famous for her role in the video for the song “Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke, which caused controversy due to the provocative scenes it contains.

Emily once said that the video was “her curse”, and that she was constantly asked about it, but she also emphasized that she was not ashamed to show her naked body and that it was her parents who taught her that.

She got undressed for the purposes of the film “Gone Girl“, and repeatedly emphasized that she would prefer to continue her acting career.

The stunning model is also very active on Instagram, where she regularly shares provocative photos, which she did while she was pregnant, and many commented that she is one of the most beautiful pregnant women.

Even after giving birth to her son, she kept her followers updated about the events from her life, and she quickly returned the slender figure. After seeing her latest photo from an event she attended in a skimpy white tight dress, her fans did not miss the opportunity to call Emily a real bomb.

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By: Helen B.





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