Enrique and Anna Kournikova’s love story!

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It has been almost 20 years since Enrique Iglesias released his successful single “Escape”, and in addition to delighting many fans around the world, this song also marked a major turning point in his life. Namely, the star of the video is former tennis player Anna Kournikova. This song was the start point in their relationship because on this set they met.

They fell in love while filming sexy scenes. The chemistry between them was obvious, and Enrique, who like Kournikova does not like to talk about their private lives, then praised her. “She is a beautiful, talented, great tennis player. It doesn’t take a good actor to love Anna and do it convincingly,” the singer said then. 

Just as the words of his song “Escape” say, a love affair was quickly born between one of the most attractive celebrity couples.

The single “Escape” conquered the top charts around the world, and after being released in March 2002, the couple first appeared in public together. They came together for the MTV Awards and watched each other with love. Anna also supported the singer in 2003 on the premiere of “Once Upon a Time in Mexico”, in which he appeared. The following year, it was rumored that Anna and Enrique were engaged because she was seen wearing a huge diamond ring, but neither of them confirmed or denied it. They both tried to save their lives from the public.

For years, there were rumors about their relationship, but they successfully ignored everything. Anna and Enrique prepared a surprise for the public in January 2018 when they revealed on Instagram that they got twins. They have a daughter Lucy and a son Nicholas. The former tennis player gave birth to them in December 2017. Previously was rumored that the couple had children through a surrogate mother, but Kournikova shared an old photo showing her belly in the 37th week of pregnancy. The couple also successfully hid the birth of their third child, daughter Mary, whom they had on January 30, 2020.

They often share photos of their family, but rarely talk about privacy. Apparently, their relationship is harmonious and full of love 20 years later, and they still don’t pay attention to negative comments.

Recall, Anna Kournikova posted a video she recorded on the tennis court, where the twins and Mary were driving in a red Land Rover. It is a battery-powered car, driven by Nicholas. Little Mary was watching everyone around her seriously, and Lucy was laughing and talking a little in Russian and finally in English. They are one happy family!





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