Espresso shot from 19th century

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In the Portuguese versions, espresso, lemon, mint, and rum can be used, and the Austrian version is served with an ice cube.

While the quick version is made by pouring pre-sweetened espresso into a cup with ice cubes and a slice of lemon – which makes mazagran “original iced coffee”.

It is stated that the name of the drink probably comes from the fortress of Mazagran, which is located in Algeria and which was assigned to France in 1837. In this fortress, French colonial troops consumed a beverage prepared with coffee syrup and cold water. 

It is also stated that the drink got its name because of the fortress in which it originated. Namely, when the soldiers did not have water, they mixed coffee syrup together with rum and thus managed to warm up.

When the soldiers returned to Paris, they suggested to the bartenders to serve this drink, and as it quickly became popular, all the cafes began to serve it in tall glasses. 

Mazagran is prepared with strong and hot coffee that is poured over ice and is usually served in a narrow, tall cup. It is also described as coffee made with water, not milk. A slice of lemon and a few teaspoons of rum are then added to the cup (depending on whether the customer wants “strong” coffee or coffee with aroma).





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