Everyone wants Dakota Johnson’s charming bangs

Photo Credits : Getty Images

Bangs are without a doubt a trend that will never go out of fashion, and actresses Jane Birkin or Zooey Deschanel have turned them into their trademark.

Their example was followed by Dakota Johnson, the beautiful daughter of the famous actor couple Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith. She is the proud owner of bangs that have moved thousands and thousands of fashion lovers to dare to cut their hair.

Her long and shiny bangs are an example of the ideal hairstyle that everyone wants, and if you type the words ‘Dakota Johnson bangs’ on Google, you will get more than 20 million results.

Her longtime hairdresser Mark Townsend, who has been working with the actress since the film series ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’ pushed her into the spotlight, He said bangs fit Dakota’s face shape perfectly, but also her personality.

She knows well that she can spend 5 minutes blow-drying her bangs and then leave the rest of her hair to dry naturally,’ he says.

However, if you have warmed up to bangs, you must know that there is work to be done around them.

Stylization shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes once you gain a routine. ‘Just dry the bangs down by holding the hair dryer over your head and aiming down. Then use a round brush that you hold vertically to smooth your hair and give it that little outward movement from the side, ‘advises the hairdresser.

As for the products, regular use of a deep conditioner can keep bangs silky, but since bangs can be greasy, Townsend also uses dry shampoo. ‘Bangs can absorb moisturizer, sunscreen, and even makeup that is applied to the skin, so they get dirty quickly. That’s why I use dry shampoo to make them look fresh. I spray dry shampoo on a flat brush and then comb through the bangs. I usually use dry shampoo instead of hairspray on bangs because the varnish can make the bangs too stiff or greasy, while dry shampoo makes them fluttery, ‘he said.





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