Famous cook Martha Stewart: Love in the eighties!

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Whether you know of Martha Stewart for her lifestyle media brand, her television appearances, or her time in federal prison for insider trading, there’s no denying for her influence. Many believed that her lifestyle empire would crumble following her time behind bars, but Martha managed to grow it, and she’s more successful now than ever before.

After the Stewarts restored the 19th-century farmhouse she decided to focus her energy on gourmet cooking. She trained herself by reading Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking. After that, she started a catering business in the late 1970s. She soon became known for her gourmet menus and unique, creative presentation. Within a decade, Martha Stewart’s company had grown into a $1 million business. They served a big number of corporate and celebrity clients.

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Martha Stewart is an American businesswoman best known for her lifestyle brand consisting of cookbooks, cookware, television shows, and more.

Famous cook Martha Stewart admitted on the show ‘What Happens’ live hosted by Andy Cohen that she is in love again. Although she initially tried to deny that she found love in her 80s, she eventually admitted she was not single. 

“I’m in a relationship, but I won’t tell you who,”

Martha commented briefly, and after that, she didn’t want to say anything more about her new partner. 

In addition to talking about the mysterious man, Martha also referred to the alleged love affair with host Larry King, who passed away in January this year. 

“We went to dinner at Elio’s Italian restaurant in New York as friends. I thought we were just talking about journalism, and then he got a little in love,” Martha said. 

She added that Larry King was not her type of man, but she believes that, along with Andy Cohen, he was the kindest presenter that ever interviewed her. 





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