Finding the Perfect Insurance For Impounded Car

Why do you need insurance for impounded car?

You have to insure your car if you are driving or parking it on public roads, that is the rule. If your car has been impounded, maybe the most obvious reason as it is not insured, first of all, you will have to provide proof of insurance to have it retrieved. Not every insurance policy includes impounded car cover, so you must check your insurance policy documentation to ensure you have the cover you require. If it is not the case, you will be required to add impounded car cover to your insurance policy for impounded cars.

What are the reasons behind car impoundment?

The police and other local authorities have the authority to impound vehicles. Your car might end up in the police pound because it was:

  • Illegally parked
  • Parked on public roads
  • Driven without valid insurance
  • Involved in an accident
  • Stolen and found by the police
  • Used in an anti-social manner
  • The car is not taxed
  • Driven by someone without a valid driving license
  • Parked on private land without a SORN (statutory Off Road Notification)

Penalties for not paying road tax

Not paying your road tax is one of the main reasons your car might be impounded. If your car is impounded as you have not paid your tax, you have got two options:

  • Pay your car tax and a fee to have your car released
  • You will have to pay a surety fee and make a SORN so your car is officially off the road.

If you pay a surety fee and then purchase car tax within 2 weeks, you might get a refund.

How to release an impounded car?

If your car has been impounded, the first thing is to find out where it has been taken. If you did not receive a notice letter, you should call 101 and ask the police pound in which your car has been kept. You can also call NSL or the company that enforces car tax payments.

Once you have got the location of the car, you will have to pay a fee to retrieve it. If you do this within 1 day, the charges will be different and if you pay it after 24 hours, the charges will increase, you will also have to pay daily storage charges. Keep in mind that you have only 7 working days to retrieve your impounded car. If you fail to release your impounded car after 14 days, there is a great risk that it will be either scrapped or sold at auction.

What documents do you need to release your impounded car?

If your car has been impounded, you are legally required to release it within 7 working days (as mentioned above) of the date on the impound notice. You will be required documents such as

  • Proof of ids such as driving license or passport
  • Prove that you are the registered owner of the car
  • A valid MOT certificate
  • Proof of insurance

If you don’t want to claim your car, you should disclaim it. To disclaim your impounded car, you must go to the police pound with proof that you are the registered owner with proof of your identity. You will also have to pay a disposal fee and any parking fines.

How to find the right insurance for impounded cars?

You may find that your existing insurance policy covers you for releasing an impounded car. But not all insurance policies do, so always check the small chunk and contact your insurance provider if you are unsure. You might add impounded car cover to your insurance policy. If not, you will have to get specialist impounded car insurance.

If your car has been impounded as it was not insured, you will have to find an insurance provider of specialist insurance for impounded car who will accept you.

Can a temporary insurance policy be enough and can you get it?

Yes, you can however, it requires to be a specialist insurance policy for impounded cars that is valid for at least 30 days. Standard temporary car insurance may not be accepted and 1-day car insurance is not suitable.

Short-term Insurance for impounded cars insurance is available

Since getting your car out of impound is frequently a requirement, many insurance policies only offer coverage for a minimum of 28 days. Even while you may already have a policy in place, you might come to know that it does not provide the driver with the insurance you need to release your car. The major reason for our 24-hour impound insurance, which covers drivers for the trip from the draw yard back to their homes, is that.

What happens if the insurance is no longer in effect and the driver finds it difficult to secure yearly insurance coverage due to a conviction? Get in touch with the Release my vehicle team, and they’ll be more than pleased to help.

Get a quote from Release my vehicle

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Here at Release my Vehicle, we work a little bit differently. We are aware that a single poor choice does not automatically qualify a driver as a criminal. In fact, if the car was just impounded. We believe the driver will be more likely to avoid problems in the future and drive to safety. In order to provide the driver with the coverage they need, our company also provides insurance for drivers with serious driving convictions.

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