Forgotten Brendan Fraser spoke about his life

Photo Credits : ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images

Actor Brendan Fraser was one of the biggest stars in Hollywood in the 1990s. He had an army of fans around the world. The former sex symbol turned 53 this Friday, and some recent photos showed his drastic change in appearance. What happened with old Brendan?

He replaced muscles with a slightly fuller line, and for a long time, he was off from the world of movies and acting. Brandan dedicated himself to solving personal problems. Today we can rarely see him in public.

When he appeared on the red carpet at the Tribeca New York Film Festival in October this year,  it was not easy to recognize him at first.

Once known for his strong muscles and lush hair, Fraser was photographed with a few extra pounds and much shorter hair.

The actor also took a long break from his career, so many were surprised by his return. He came back with the movie “The Sudden Move“. After that appearance also the first photos from the movieThe Whale” ended in a public and we saw him with 270 kg.

Fraser didn’t have a very happy life after the big success in Hollywood. He spent the first few years trying to recover from the consequences of the injuries he suffered during filming. By the way, the actor filmed many demanding action scenes without the help of a stuntman. That left serious marks on his body.

Among other things, he had to go to an operation during which part of the spinal vertebra is removed. It failed from the first, and he had to repeat it in the following year. Also then he had knee surgery, another back surgery, and vocal cord surgery. In all, he visited hospitals for seven years.

But health problems were not the only thing that bothered him. He revealed that he experienced great trauma when he was sexually abused in the summer of 2003 by influential journalist Philip Berk.

‘He grabbed my buttocks with his hand and touched my crotch with his fingers,’ the actor revealed, adding that he then had a panic attack.

‘I was sick and I felt like a little kid like I had a lump in my throat. I thought I would start crying, ‘ he said in an interview.

After that event, he felt depressed and undesirable. He added that it took him a long time to talk about the incident: ” I was afraid of humiliation, but also that it would ruin my career .”

In 2007 he experienced a difficult divorce from actress Afton Smith, with whom he was married since 1998 and has three children. The new tragedy for Brendan was his mother’s death in 2016.





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