George Michael's shocking biography

A new book about George Michael reveals some details no one knew.

George Michael's shocking biography

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A new book about George Michael that follows his final years after completing his ‘25 Live Tour ’tour in 2008 says he lived in a 'fog'. The book sheds new light on the famous singer’s problems and the battle with addiction he led.

According to this book George slept until the middle of the afternoon, then he sat at his computer and played video games, stared at the TV, consumed drugs, and visited restaurants in Hampstead Heath at night. In September 2008, police caught Michael in a public restroom in Heath, and after searching him, they found marijuana and crack and arrested him. A few months later he was arrested again after a car accident when police found him with ‘dilated pupils’.The frontman of the once famous band 'Wham!' had seven arrests in 12 years. His driver’s license was taken for five years, and he was sentenced to four weeks in prison.

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'For Michael, GHB, the so-called rape drug, seemed to have been sent to him from heaven. In addition to fostering his sexual compulsion, it made him feel attractive, even though he was depressed,' Gavin explains in the book.'Because of GHB, his self-confidence increased, but it took him to a new terrifying level of self-destruction. GHB is more addictive than methamphetamine and is riskier in all variants,' the author stated.

According to the book, the drug also was the reason for his nine-year relationship with the British porn actor and gigolo Paul Stag.

'Michael paid him for both sex and drugs. In the messages, they called it ‘champagne’. Stag would deliver the drug in small bottles of shampoo, and Michael would mix it into a glass of Coca-Cola. Suddenly, Michael would say ‘now I’m ready, let’s have sex', ' Gavin recalls in the book. Years later, during an interview with The Sun, Stag said Michael was incredibly sexually active, and in his head drugs were equal to sex, and sex was equal to drugs.

The book also mentions a number of incidents with the police. In February 2006, police found Michael in his Mercedes parked along the road not far from his home in Regent's Park. The cops knocked on his window and he opened the door semi-consciously. A search of the car revealed GHB and marijuana, and a source told the British media that police officers also found sexual aids, including a 'black leather fetish mask with a zipper on the mouth'. In May 2014, an unidentified person found Michael unconscious in a bathtub at Highgate. Namely, the singer overdosed on GHB and that was not the first time.

Friends begged Michael to go to rehab, and eventually, a psychiatrist managed to persuade him. Michael went to Zurich where he stayed for most of the year. He returned home in 2016, but unfortunately, he continued as before. Due to GHB, he suffocated in fatty foods, and the consequent weight gain caused liver disease.

The singer was found dead at the age of 53 on Christmas 2016 at his home northwest of London. The cause was heart disease, enlarged cardiomyopathy with myocarditis, and fatty liver.

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