Georgina: ‘Memories. Treasure of the soul’

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Georgina Rodriguez recalled filming Netflix’s documentary ‘I’m Georgina’ which was filmed about her life and relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo. She posted a photo on Instagram of herself sitting in a green car in a pink tulle dress. ‘Memories. Treasure of the soul ‘, she wrote in the description of the post.

And while she remembers the beautiful moments, her darling is once again at the center of another scandal. Cristiano was the target of fierce criticism for his incomprehensible and insane move when he hit a 14-year-old boy and smashed his cell phone. The footballer, who is also the father of four children with twins on the way, decided to vent his anger on an innocent child and his mobile phone.

Video of his violent move spread like wildfire on social media, and the mother of a 14-year-old boy reported that her child was autistic, and the game at the Goodison Park Stadium in Liverpool was the first he watched live, so he excitedly recorded everything with his mobile phone.

‘My son filmed all the Manchester United players as they walked. And then he lowered his cell phone as Ronaldo moved his sock and his leg was bleeding. He hung up his cell phone to see what was wrong with him, he didn’t even speak. Ronaldo then just walked away with his horrible nature and broke his cell phone. He took the phone from my sons ‘hands and just kept walking,’ she told Liverpool Echo. The boy was bruised on the arm.

But this is not Ronaldo’s first scandal, and the footballer has lined up several of them. In 2007, information appeared in the media that he celebrated winning one match in the company of five prostitutes, and soon accusations of raping a 16-year-old model appeared.

This is not his only accusation of rape. Until today, the trial for the charges that he raped teacher Kathryn Mayorga in 2009 in a hotel in Las Vegas has not been completed. The first trial was adjourned because there was a lack of evidence, but the teacher filed a civil lawsuit because her legal team confirmed that Ronaldo’s DNA was found on her clothes.





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