Golden rules for a Poinsettia plant

Photo Credits : Jeffrey Hamilton/Unsplash

Poinsettia or Christmas star is a synonym for a cozy holiday home setup. But, mistakes we make as soon as we buy this flower are numerous and now we will try to save her with new tips.


The first tip applies to the moment you bought your star. When you bring her home, she should go through the acclimatization process. For people, the temperature in the house is, say, 23-24 degrees Celsius, and the star is brought from a car in which it was 7-8 degrees. That’s why we need to leave her in the hallway for an hour or two to acclimatize. So, it should be gradually brought into the house, and not suddenly transferred from the center or the market and the bag where it was cold to a warm room.


Another important thing is that the poinsettia should not be near a heat source, nor in windy areas.

This plant loves moisture, and there is no moisture in the house, and that can hardly be changed, but heat and coldness can affect her.

Also, it would be good not to move the plant around your home. If, for example, you put it on the table, it would be good for it to stay there.

One year you may choose a place where the plant will perish. But next year you will choose another place, where the plant can then survive. Anyway – when you find a place that is good for your plant, don’t move it – the poinsettia loves to have its place.

It is a plant that is quite demanding, strange, and sensitive.


When it comes to watering, it is usually said that the Poinsettia should be watered from below, but it is not a mistake to pour water into the soil, in a jar, or if the leaves are sprayed on the plant.

It is not something that will bother her, to spray it lightly, but it is not something necessary. For watering is important that the water in the saucer does not stand for too long.

When water stands in a saucer, it is death for her. This plant, in fact, requires moisture, but it is better to water it more often than to let the water stand in the saucer.

Advice is that you drain the water from it after a maximum of 5 to 10 minutes.

But what after the holidays?

It should be a day when it is day outside, and a night when it is night outside, which is impossible in the house. That’s why you need to have a box to cover it when it’s dark outside, and as soon as it gets dark, as soon as it starts to get dark, you need to cover it. And that’s something you need to start with as early as September 15th, and then on October 1st the star will start getting a darker leaf color‘ said botanist.

And by Christmas, there will again be a beautiful red decoration of your holiday home.





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