Good Space Games: Halo Infinite

Photo Credits : xBox/Promo

Space-themed video games have long been popular, offering a variety of activities ranging from space combat to the terraforming of faraway worlds.

Halo Infinite, a first-person shooter with space Marines, is also on the list of excellent space games, as is Master Chief. It is still new, having been released in December 2021, and a series based on the franchise has recently begun.

It is available for Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S, and Nintendo Switch. It was developed by Studio 343 Industries.

Since the 1980s, every producer has tried to protect his face by creating a video game that everyone would recognize – Nintendo has Maria, Sega has Sonic, and Microsoft has a hero that everyone already knows. It is, indeed, the Master Chief.

Infinite provides an open universe as opposed to conventional shooting and linear running. The conflicts are ferocious, and even though no one has ever seen the Master Chief’s face, he is a fan.

Everyone can play it alone, but also with friends – multiplayer is free, and a single-player campaign costs 59.99 dollars on the Steam platform.

Lost Ark update: what’s happening in April and May?

What’s going on at the Lost Ark in April and May? The developers provide a brief overview and pledge that a roadmap will be published on time.

The Lost Ark devs have returned to the community with a fresh developer diary following the huge update on March 24th. You announce that the roadmap plans for April and May have yet to be determined. The creators offer a preview of upcoming classes, raids, continents, and other improvements in the next roadmap.

Last week’s Lost Ark game update added new bot combat features. The number of bots might be lowered further, according to the developers. Of course, you want to keep working on the problem.

Players have expressed issues regarding the ranking distribution from the commencement of Season 1 of the Competitive Trials Arena. The team wishes to make several adjustments in order to better the first competitive PvP season.

This is how new players with Silver rank will begin the season. Players who began their season before the alteration will receive a 250 MR boost. Furthermore, the master rank is now available to up to 200 people.

Furthermore, the developers explain why skins’ appearance rhythms cannot be quickly expedited. Existing skins were published a few classes ago in Korea. According to the developers, models with skins for additional classes and the related special weapons take time to create. Work on some newer classes is on the horizon.

Finally, the developers warn against purchasing Steam keys from third-party sources. This third-party purchase is never secure, as many Steam keys obtained from these sources are the result of fraudulent transactions. Redeeming such forged keys on one’s own account may lead to account suspension.





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