Gruffudd’s girlfriend Bianca: ‘I lived in fear’

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Actress Bianca Wallace, the new girlfriend of actor Ioan Gruffudd, spoke candidly about her constant battle with multiple sclerosis (MS), an inflammatory disease of the central nervous system.

Bianca shared the news of her diagnosis while she was attending a charity dinner for the MS Society in London and admitted that she “lived in fear” of how she would tell people about it. ‘Like many others, I lived in fear of what would happen if people found out. I could never have foreseen such a huge turnout that came with my post,’ Wallace said on the SMS Battles quiz for the MS Society.

‘Hearing how much I have already helped other people on their journey is the reason why I will do everything I can to support this goal,’ she added. ‘You never really know how much you can help change someone’s life until you do.’

Wallace, who was diagnosed with MS three years ago, said she was “not sure” when she would have the courage to reveal her diagnosis.

‘In October 2018, I was diagnosed with MS of a very aggressive form, which appeared quickly and with severe symptoms,’ explained the actress, who discovered the disease after being unable to take a pen from a desk at the then workplace. ‘Within a few weeks I couldn’t walk anymore, my whole right side was completely paralyzed,’ revealed the actress who was prompted by the difficult situation to completely change her outlook on life.

The actress said news of her MS diagnosis came out “heartbreaking to the public” before she was ready to talk about it, but says she is now proud to share news about her health to help other people. During the speech, Bianca praised her boyfriend Ioan, whom she called her support.

‘I feel very happy with someone who gives me a lot of support. It’s great, I’ve never had this. Having someone who understands is amazing,’ she said.





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