Hailey Bieber talked about Justin’s addiction!

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Justin Bieber, 27, revealed in 2020 that he once relied on drugs to escape his life under the spotlight, and Hailey Bieber, 24, spoke on Wednesday about how she was doing while helping him get rid of his addiction. 

The model pointed out in the Victoria’s Secret Voices podcast that it was an extremely difficult period for her and that her memories of her father Stephen Baldwin (55) came to life as he struggled with his vices. She admitted that there is a lot of addiction in her family. 

Not only did my dad have problems, but a lot of people on that side of my family struggled with a lot of different things. My dad was always open about his addiction and I appreciated that. I have always been close to him and he often spoke honestly about why he managed to stay sober, clean of drugs, and what behavior under the influence of that looks like,  said Hailey. 

It was extremely difficult to be a part of that period of drug use, especially since I had to go back to the dark period of my father’s struggle. I asked him, for example, things like, ‘What stage are you at with all this?’ I used to be nervous when I questioned Justin: “Is that okay with you?“, recalled the model of her husband’s struggle during rehab.  

But he had a great deal of self-awareness about it all and was very open about his addiction. That’s all I can ask for, ‘ she added. 

Hailey’s dad Stephen got rid of his drug addiction after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attack and found solace in the Evangelical Church. The model’s uncle Daniel Baldwin (61) has also struggled with vices for 20 years, since 1989, and has been on nine rehabs to succeed. 

By the way, Justin once admitted that he first tried marijuana at the age of 13, after he became famous thanks to a video on YouTube. He became addicted to marijuana and then started combining it with pills and mushrooms. 

‘It was just a way to escape for me. I was young ‘, the singer pointed out. 

 By: Olivia J.





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