Halle Berry: “Seductive” heels that women who prefer a flat sole would also love

Photo Credits : Getty Images

Whatever she wears, Halle Berry looks phenomenal, and the 55-year-old actress delighted with her styling for a guest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s TV show in which she promoted her new film Bruised, in which she plays an MMA fighter, and the actress also directed the film.

Halle Berry prepared for this film by training for four to six hours every day, and she did each workout with weights, thus gaining the most defined abdominal muscles, as the actress revealed in an interview with Women’s Health.

In the film, Bruised Halle plays an MMA fighter who tries to find redemption in the ring, and the plot arises when the child she gave up when she was very young returns to her life.

Halle Berry promoted the new film on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show in which the famous beauty appeared in an attractive clothing edition. She wore a black mini skirt with fringe and a black kimono with gold flowers on it. A wide black belt with a large gold snake-shaped clasp further highlighted the cleavage of the beautiful actress.


The plus for the look were also the heels that Halle chose, a very feminine model of sandals in a combination of black and gold with straps. These seductive heels beautify women’s legs, and there is no doubt that women who prefer a flat sole would also fall for them.

The day before being on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, Halle Berry appeared at the screening of her new film in the company of boyfriend Van Hunt. The actress wore a striking costume composed of overalls and a short bolero made of silver brocade.






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