Harry Styles announces a new album!

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When Harry Styles announces the album, all eyes are on him because everyone knows that something masterful is coming! We can always expect something completely different from Styles, which is why we got an accompanying trailer with the announcement of the album – in which Harry shows his fans clues in a few shots that they can follow to find out what he prepared for them – and we are already familiar with that how Harry Styles fans know how to notice even the smallest details.

Precisely because of the ability of fans to notice everything, we can go back to some earlier songs of a former member of one of the world’s biggest boy bands of all time – “One Direction”. On the album “Watermelon Sugar”, which is inspired by the book of the same name by Richard Brautigan, we can hear in several songs that Harry is returning home. In the song Canyon Moon, Harry talks about the moment of waiting to return home and fully describes what the house looks like – with a yellow door that we can see in the video announcement for the new album. In this song, Harry creates a future in which he is completely calm and composed at home.

“Staring at the ceiling, two weeks and I’ll be home, carry the feeling through Paris, all through Rome…”

We can see the described scene on the album cover. In his lyrics, the Grammy winner for best pop performance for the song Watermelon Sugar ( which, yes, talks about oral sex), often mentions returning home, because next to some people we feel so at ease that we find our home in them.

Speaking of the vigilant eye of Harry Styles fans, we have to mention that they also noticed that the content the singer follows on Instagram changed just before he released the trailer for his new album. Styles followed up on several profiles whose names were allusions to the return home, and then they found a certain site that is believed to start counting down when the time comes. The beige doors on the site are updated daily, so fans visit it every day to get a piece of the puzzle.

The first door was split on March 19, and behind it was the cover of the book “Nature and Selected Essays” by the American essayist and philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson. While the very next day behind the door, fans could see “The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle” by Japanese writer Haruki Murakami. Murakami has already been associated with Harry’s songs on one occasion, because during the period of creating his album “Fine Line”, Harry read the book “Norwegian Woods”, which made the writer world-famous.

On the twenty-first of March, behind the door hid the home of all of us – photos of the most beautiful places on planet Earth, while the next day fans could put together a puzzle that revealed to them Cavallini’s picture featuring various mushrooms.





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