Heidi Klum’s daughter appeared on the red carpet and showed that she inherited everything from her mother

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Leni Klum was accompanied by Seal at the premiere of the new Netflix film The Harder They Fall for which was making music, and she was one of the stars of the evening. The young model shone in a short black dress and high heels. She showed that she does great in front of cameras and photographers, and the fact that she already has experience certainly contributes to that.

At the beginning of the year, she appeared on the cover of German Vogue with Heidi, and she is slowly starting to build her career on her own. She also posed for Glamor and Rollercoaster magazine. As Leni said, she accompanied her mother on her business trips for years, and she knows the world of modeling well. She also admits that Heidi Klum was not too thrilled with her daughter following in her footsteps.

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Even when I was 12-13 years old, I begged her to let me do modeling. She always said that I was too young, she persistently refused. And finally, when I turned 16, she agreed to give me permission,” says Leni.

She also received numerous tips from her mother, and one of them is to have a good time and to be a model only if she is ready to spend all her energy on it. She says that the two of them are quite different, especially when it comes to taste in fashion.

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By: Helen B.





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