Helen Skelton Shares Photo Of Baby Elsie

Helen Skelton Shares Photo Of Baby Elsie

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The Countryfile star is a mother of three.

Helen Skelton is a busy mother of three who is always on the go, and when her vacation came to an end on Saturday, she had one final adventure with her kids.

The family had gone on a day vacation to a medieval castle, and Helen posted a beautiful snapshot of baby Elsie in her arms while they were outside. Helen wore a puffer jacket and a green cap, and the small girl, who was born in December, didn't seem too pleased with the cold, but she was cuddled up warm in a comfy-looking coat.

Helen had to delete a post last month after several followers expressed concern over Elsie not wearing a hat while outside, and Helen explained why to fans while she wasn't in the shot.

She stated, "I went on a day travel with my staff to bookend the holidays."

Helen included photographs of her young kids, Ernie and Louis, playing with wooden swords on the castle grounds in other parts of her photo collage.

Her fans rushed to the comments section to express their delight at the glimpse into her personal life. One person stated: "What a lovely family! You have a fantastic look."

"What a gorgeous newborn girl," one user said, adding, "Oh my goodness… she looks precisely like one of her brothers."
In reaction to the stunning photographs provided, several people submitted strings of heart emoticons.
The mother-of-three demonstrated her down-to-earth side earlier this week when she knelt on the ground in a playground with her two boys standing on identical red scooters on either side of her.

The actress wore jeans and a fleece jacket with sunglasses and smiled at the camera while carrying her newborn girl in a houndstooth patterned sling. Her sons were seen in a second shot having a good time feeding the swans.

Helen simply captioned the photos with "Holidays [red heart emoji] #parklife," and her admirers reacted positively.
"A great family photo," one person said, with others agreeing: "Making fantastic family memories xx," and "Lovely pics, have fun x." A fourth person added, "Multi-tasking mom of dreams," along with applauding emojis.