Hellbound overthrew Squid Game as the most popular series

Photo Credits : Netflix

Netflix’s new South Korean series ‘Hellbound’ has surpassed even ‘Squid Game’ as the most popular series on that streaming platform.

Namely, the analytical company FlixPatrol announced that the Hellbound series was the most popular television series on the streaming platform on November 20, just a day after it premiered.

It thus surpassed ‘Squid Game’, which was at the top of the rankings for as many as 46 days in a row and is now in second place.

‘Hellbound’ also came in first place in regions such as South Korea, Mexico, and Belgium and among the top three in the United States, Canada and Germany.

The plot of the series is located in the capital of South Korea, Seoul. The city is terrorized by large smoke monsters, and at the center of the story is the religious organization ‘New Truth’ which takes control and begins to transmit the monster’s messages. The moment someone starts questioning their ideas and messages, they very quickly become a victim which causes chaos in the city.

The sharp rise in popularity of the Korean series after the film ‘Parasite’ also motivated Apple TV + to release its first South Korean horror series ‘Dr.Brain’.





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