Her husband cheated on her with Bo Derek

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Prominent American actress Linda Evans, who gained world fame with her role in the cult series “Dynasty”, in which she played the character of Crystal Carrington, celebrated her 79th birthday with her family.

On that occasion, a photo appeared on the official Instagram profile of the famous actress, where Linda is smiling carrying a basket of flowers: “Life is a gift”, it is written in the description of the post.

Linda was born in Hartford, where she spent her childhood, and her family immigrated from Norway to America before the actress was born.

She gained fame thanks to her role in “Dynasty“, and she and Joan Collins became the most noticed ladies around the world after the broadcast of this series. Although they were fierce rivals on the small screens, privately – the story was completely different:

We haven’t had a single personal quarrel in the nine years we’ve done the series together,” the actress told Closer Weekly.

Her private life was very attractive to foreign media. Namely, Linda married twice. Her first husband was film producer John Derek, with whom she was in a community for 6 years, and they divorced in the early 1970s after he cheated on her with a girl 30 years younger and actress Bo Derek:

When he left me because of Bo, who was 17 at the time, I wanted to die. It was the worst thing in the world that could have happened to me then. He was everything to me. I was angry, I was sad. “It was the worst mix of things. I went through all the stages, but it’s a wonderful moment when you completely turn off your brain and focus all your energy on yourself and stop thinking about the past,” she once said.

She was also married to Stan Herman from 1975 to 1979, and during the nineties, she dated the Greek composer and pianist Jani.

She is still considered an elegant lady, although the media often question how she maintained her youthful appearance.





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