Here’s why you should heat the rice you have left over from the day before with an ice cube

You have rice leftover from the day before and now you want to warm it up for lunch? The best way to do this is in combination with an ice cube. We will reveal to you why and how to do it

Here’s why you should heat the rice you have left over from the day before with an ice cube

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Rice tastes best when it is fine and fluffy. If the remaining rice from the previous day is heated, the popular side dish often no longer meets our expectations, as the white grains are quite hard and dry. However, with the right heating method, rice can regain the desired consistency in a short time - for example with this simple ice cube trick.

Heat the rice along with the ice cube

To make the rice from the previous day finely fluffy and soft, there are various methods and tips for the microwave and for the oven. But do you know a simple ice cube trick? An ice cube is the key to ensuring that the side dish has the perfect texture again and is as fresh as it was after cooking. The reason: if the ice cube is heated in the microwave together with the rice, it does not melt, but the ice only releases moisture and thus returns the rice to a soft state.

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This is how the trick works

Place the rice on a plate and place the ice cube in the middle. Then briefly heat the plate in the microwave until the rice is soft and warm again. Take out the ice cube and you will be able to enjoy the rice again as you did the day before. Great, isn't it?

Tip: An ice cube can also help warm up in a pot. However, since it melts faster and easier here, it is best to break the ice cube into several pieces beforehand. First, add a few pieces of ice to the rice and wait to see how well the rice absorbs the liquid as it heats up. If the rice is still too dry, you can also add the remaining pieces of ice.

By: Amber V. - Gossip Whispers