Hot diet: Kourtney’s special ‘cleansing’

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Ever since she officially revealed last year that she is happily in love, Kourtney Kardashian seems to have blossomed. She and Travis Barker may still be a relatively fresh couple, but if you’ve ever wondered what is the secret of their chemistry she recently discovered she believes abstinence from sex helped them throughout their story.

In a recent interview with Bustle, Kourtney revealed that she recently finished her ‘sex diet’. Specifically, she finished cleansing Panchakarma for 12 days and compared the whole experience to the first sip of caffeinated drinks after not consuming them for a while. 

The type of cleansing that Kourtney went through is Panchakarma. It is described as a deep, multiple process and he is under the supervision of an Ayurvedic doctor. Ayurveda is a thousand of years old holistic form of wellness developed in India that emphasizes the importance of nutrition, deep sleep and meditation, and alignment with the body’s natural rhythm for overall health.

One aspect of Panchakarma is abstinence from sex because it is believed to trigger a lot of energy in the body. During the cleansing of Panchakarma, abstinence from sex, as well as other forms of stimulation, means that the body creates an optimal environment for rest, release and rebalancing – physically, mentally and spiritually.

Zoë Kors, sex and intimacy trainer and author of ‘Radical Intimacy: Cultivate the Deeply Connected Relationships You Desire and Deserve’, explained that abstinence is not just about the power of autosuggestion, but that there is more to abstinence. ‘When abstinence from sex over a period of time (day, week, month) is approached as exercise, not only can it make sex more enjoyable when you return to it, but it can also be a good thing for your mental health, respect and libido,’ he says. ‘When we engage in sexual intercourse, we often experience our own body and sexuality through a relationship with our partner. It’s healthy and natural, but it’s also important to keep it in balance.’

Agreeing to give up sex for a short time with the intention of regaining our energy and focusing on our own experience of our own body, mind and spirit, we can improve our availability to our partner when we indulge in intimacy again.

It takes multiple approaches to keep things warm in the bedroom after a long dry period, and much of that process has to do with the way you think. Determining a break from sex in this can help create space for that segment, and it will also help free you from the tensions and fears that often come with dissatisfaction with your sex life.

Pausing time can also help with self-care, self-love, and self-reflection. It may sound like a long period, but try exercises like this for a month, and then do a special ritual to break sex fasting – turn off the lights, turn off all devices, play your favorite music, light a candle and enjoy.





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