How does Madonna look without photoshop?

While the world laughs at her artificial rejuvenation, she looks completely different.

How does Madonna look without photoshop?

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A few days ago, the singer Britney Spears uttered a fateful 'yes' for the third time, and the queen of pop, Madonna, was among the guests. These two singers and friends used this situation to do something that the world is buzzing about today.  Namely, they kissed again! Britney looked gorgeous in a red "Versace" dress, so she bent down and kissed Madonna at the celebration. This reminded many of the event from 2003 when the two of them kissed on the MTV awards stage. During the performance, Madonna turned around and wanted to kiss Christina Aguilera, but that moment passed almost unnoticed compared to what Britney and her colleague did. By the way, it is known that Madonna loves Britney very much and that she was always with her as support for everything she went through. This was the first time they had met since Spears won the fight against her family. 
This time paparazzi managed to photograph her in a rare public appearance, as well as a rare real edition, considering that in recent months she only posted Photoshopped photos on her Instagram profile.

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For some time now, the public was not able to marvel at her appearance, which she is trying to hide from her fans on social networks. The procedures on her face were also analyzed by the famous plastic surgeon Gary Linkov, who discovered that the singer had corrected her face with various aesthetic procedures over several decades.

He estimates that she has done three facelifts since 1982, she raised her eyebrows three times, eyelids twice and injected fillers many times. The surgeon does not rule out the fact that she also worked on jaw implants, and also removed the excess fat. And although the whole world laughs at her, she doesn't stop with overly edited photos.

By the way, it was recently revealed that the music icon broke up with her 35-year-old boyfriend Ahlamalik Williams after three years of love. The couple was reportedly doomed by business commitments, which is why they didn’t have enough time for themselves.

However, recently Madonna was photographed by paparazzi going to dinner at the famous restaurant 'The Nice Guy' with an unknown man, and whether it is a new love, time will tell.