How to calm down your pet

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Pyrotechnics and fireworks scare off a large number of animals, so dogs and firecrackers are not the best combination. Even hunting dogs need to be trained so as not to be afraid of gunfire.

Fireworks and firecrackers have been used almost all year, although they are most active during the Christmas and New Year holidays. Since pyrotechnics are ubiquitous in our society, it has become a great source of fear for pets.

The situation can (somewhat) be improved if the dog is prepared in time and empowered to meet pyrotechnic tremors. Therefore, do not ignore the problem.

In the name of the upcoming weeks, we reveal a few tips that will make your pets less afraid of holiday fireworks.

Firecrackers and dogs–The violent reaction of dogs to pyrotechnics

Fear of sudden, piercing sounds is a perfectly normal occurrence in dogs. Sudden tremors put the body in a state of sudden stress.

If they last longer and are often repeated, pyrotechnics can affect the dog so that it looks exhausted, except that it is visibly frightened.

How do dogs most often react to firecrackers?

A dog spooked by a firecracker usually has a terrified look. Body temperature slightly increases, and heart rate and breathing also accelerate.

The dog expresses fear of firecrackers with tremors, a desire for quick care and hiding, gasping and excessive drooling.

Has your dog ever behaved like this?

It runs scared around the apartment, digs on the floors, jumps on the couch and on to the floor, tries to scratch to open the door, etc.

These are school examples of a dog that’s been spooked by something. When it’s “season” of pyrotechnics, dogs often behave like this. The reason is fear of shooting, firecrackers and fireworks.

Interestingly, the dog can not find peace even in the arms of the owner (even if it is a small dog) because the instinct to escape is one of the strongest in nature.

It is clear that in such behaviour an animal can damage furniture, floors and doors. However, the worst part is that an animal in a fit of fear can injure itself, or even run away from the home/owner.


  1. Keep your dog on a leash during the holidays. It’s mandatory to do because a dog in a state of panic is incapable of listening. Keeping it on a leash won’t help the dog overcome his fear, but you’ll stop it from escaping and getting hurt under the wheels of a car.
  2. Make sure you put a pendant with a phone number on the necklace. If it accidentally escapes under the influence of fear, it’s already likely that someone will call you and bring it back as soon as possible. It is legally mandatory and desirable that the dog is chipped for the reason that the person who finds the dog and takes it to the nearest veterinary infirmary by reading the microchip can be determined by the owner.
  3. Recognize its stress, stressed dogs are often restless, have no peace walking there, dashing, snotting and getting close. As an owner, be calm because your behaviour also affects the dog’s behaviour.
  4. The house is not good enough shelter for the dog so dogs that normally live outside need to be brought into the house during the holidays or during the shooting. There’s a possibility that a firecracker or rocket could end up in the yard and hurt the dog.
  5. Keep the dog close to you, don’t push it. Let it sit with you if it soothes it. A lot of dogs calm down if you let them lie next to you on the couch.
  6. Do not take your dog for a walk in the dark, avoid walking at the time of the shooting. Take a long walk early in the morning or afternoon so the dog doesn’t run out of a daily dose of walking or dancing .
  7. Dog stress can affect increased urination or stool, as well as appetite. Many dogs in stressful situations refuse food so it is necessary to feed the dog early so that stress does not affect its appetite. When fireworks and gunfire start near the room where the dog spends the most time, you need to close the blinds, put on thicker curtains to prevent a flash of fireworks. It’s also desirable to turn up the television to neutralize sounds.
  8. Consider drug therapy but never give them anything before consulting with a vet.





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