How to cure acne with only two products

Photo Credits : Noah Buscher/Unsplash

Many brands offer anti-acne cosmetics, but no miraculous product has emerged that could defeat this skin disease in adults and adolescents. Hilda Paz Robles was fed up with expensive drugstore cosmetics that didn’t work. So she turned to her grandmother’s methods. A  17-year-old girl tested a 100 percent natural remedy for acne.

And it’s within everyone’s reach. The girl uses only green tea and honey. The two ingredients we usually have in the kitchen are readily available and not very expensive. Hilda drinks green tea with a few teaspoons of honey three times a week. In addition, she uses a natural mask, whose recipe she developed herself. It’s simple – just open a bag of green tea and mix the contents with honey and apply the paste on the skin for at least 30 minutes.

This method may look crazy, but a combination of green tea and honey can be good for your skin. The first ingredient is full of antioxidants and protective molecules to treat the skin. Finally, honey kills bacteria and reduces inflammation and redness. It’s worth a try.





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