How to know if you are ready to move in together: Five signs

According to Paul C. Brunson, a professional mediator for couples, the first thing you need to consider before living together is the consistency of behavior. You need to know what to expect

How to know if you are ready to move in together: Five signs

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Before moving in with a partner, it is important to discuss the practical and emotional aspects of living together, says licensed marital and family therapist Rachel Freidus. She recommends discussing logistics, finances, and feelings about living together.

She also suggests talking about things like:

  • Where you will live
  • Types of residence that interest you
  • How will you equip a new place
  • How the costs will be distributed in a way that suits both parties
  • How will you manage household responsibilities
  • Your sleep and work schedule
  • How do you plan to spend time alone when needed

According to Paul C. Brunson, a professional couples mediator, the first thing you need to consider before moving in with a partner is the consistency of behavior. You need to know what to expect.

- Consistency of behavior refers to the tendency of people today to behave in a way that suits their past decisions or behaviors. This indicator is vital because without it you literally cannot trust your partner. And you should never move in or share your world with someone you don’t trust, ”he says.

Five signs that you are ready to move in:

1. You have had productive discussions about this step

Did your conversations about the logistical and financial aspects of the move go well? Freidus says these discussions are a great way to assess your and your partner’s ability to agree and make compromises.

2. You have been together long enough to know your partner well

Before moving in, Brunson and Freidus recommend that you spend significant time together to accurately assess the consistency of your partner’s behavior.

3. You feel comfortable sharing the same space even when conflict arises

Freidus points out that there should be some level of comfort between you, even when there is disagreement. Because if you live with your partner, you will have to share the space even when you are upset, annoyed, or disagree.

4. Your reasons for moving in together are greater than the circumstances themselves

'What makes us want to live together?' - this is a question that Freidus suggests partners ask before moving in. The answer should not focus on simple convenience. If you’re moving in together just to save money, maybe you should think more about that decision. You both need to have a genuine desire for this step, regardless of external factors.

5. You are excited about that idea

Even if you’re a little nervous, Freidus says you and your partner should be thrilled about living together. You should feel happy.

By: Olivia J. - Gossip Whispers